Roastery News #68

Roastery News #68

Roastery news.

What’s been going on at the roastery?

For the second year in a row, we’ve got a bunch of delicious Costa Rican coffees from the Ureña Rojas Family in the Chirripo region, and this is the second one of the season!

You’ve tasted the Vista Al Chirripo honey processed catuai and caturra on filter, and coming soon is a creamy anaerobic from the same farm.

Café Rivense, run by the Ureña Roja family, sourced by 88 Graines, is doing some fun stuff experimenting with processing techniques.

Their anaerobic this year is like strawberry ice cream with milk chocolate grated on top - smooth, creamy, sweet, and a delicious filter option!


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