Roastery News #74

Roastery News #74

What’s been going on at the roastery?

Same news as last week, but it’s good news! - the Vista Al Chirripo Honey is back as a delicious espresso roast.

“What’s so different?” you ask? Let us explain!

One isn’t much lighter or darker than the other, but we do roast differently to bring out different characteristics for each method.

We want our filter roasts to be expressive, full of acidity, complexity, and a delicious candy sweetness to complement the fruit in the cup.

Our espresso roasts put forward the silky smooth body and juicy fruits in our coffees, giving plenty mouthfeel and sugary sweetness to your shots.

The Costa Rican coffee this weekhas already been on filter - bright, tropical, with a lively complexity, it was a star!

Now it’s back on espresso, and that lively acidity is sweet and jammy, and works beautifully with the juicy body that comes throughroasted for espresso.



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