Roastery News #77

Roastery News #77

What’s been going on at the roastery?

Carbonic maceration is a winemaking technique used to give certain wines a rich and unique flavor profile… and now we’re doing it with coffee!

Uraga Carbo from the Uraga washing station in the Guji region of Ethiopia has been experimenting and mastering these techniques, and applying them to create some radical flavor profiles from the Ethiopian terroir.

Ripe cherries are picked, and fermented whole in a sealed environment rich in carbon dioxide, allowing different microbes to thrive than those found in usual anaerobic fermentation.

The cherries are then removed, cleaned with fresh water, and dried on raised beds.

The result is juicy and tropical up front with a long, spiced, complex finish, leaving you wanting more!

Coming soon as a filter option, but it’ll continue on as an espresso next year.


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