We are endlessly looking for good coffees. We Talk. We share. We order. We roast. We cup. We talk. We brew . We talk. We roast...  We been doing this for close to ten years now and it's just the begining. There is obviously no destination for this quest so the search is just our way of life now. 

Good coffees. For us it's a coffee that stands out on the cupping table and shines in the cup. With no story telling. We trust our partners growing coffees to do a good work with good ways and safe practices for nature and humans. But we forget about that when we try the coffees. It has to be about the taste only. 

Selfish pleasure. We never think about market or customers. The choice is entirely selfish. It's for us. We need to be excited about it. We will drink this coffee everyday for months. We need to love it to buy it. 

People we love will do to. Our friends. Our families.  Our partners. Our customers. But we owe them to not just give them what they want. Our added value to them and to the market is to offer something else. Our work. Our path to quality. And to goodness. And it might take you to stranger, fruitier, boozier, sparklinger coffees thant you thought you liked but you might very well remember this coffee years from now...ant it will not be because of marketing or a tagline cause we got none.