Roastery News #67

Roastery News #67

What’s been going on at the roastery?

We’re back in Peru, with an experimental pulped anaerobic lot from Finca Timbuyacu.

Husband and wife duo, Alfonso & Karim, founded Café Monteverde, a cooperative based in their hometown, Rodríguez de Mendoza, in 2003. Their farm, Finca Timbuyacu, is the cornerstone of the cooperative, serving as a model farm, experiment station and more.

Members can visit to learn about farm management and harvesting as well as post-harvest practiceslike fermentation, washing and different drying methods. Finca Timbuyacu specializes in teaching members a variety of skills that will lift their quality of production to the highest levels possible.

This lot is an amazing example - cherries fermented anaerobically in tanks for 18 hours, pulped, and then fermented for a further 24 hours in sealed bags, we get a complex stone fruit acidity and an intense candy sweetnessreminding us at KB of candy floss!

More lots to follow from Finca Timbuyacu, but you’ll be able to grab this one soon for filter.


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