Roastery News #71

Roastery News #71

What’s been going on at the roastery?

We’ve got something else special coming up soon, but for once it’s not coffee in our playlist…

This Friday, 30th September, KB is hosting the Paris Qualifier of the French Aeropress Championships 2022!

At Back in Black (25 Rue Amelot, 75011) from 6pm, 27 candidates will battle it out, round-by-round, to find out who gets to head to the final in Nice

The competition is a big deal, with the overall winner getting to fly to Vancouver to represent France in the world finals!

And to top it off, KB is the official coffee sponsor - all of the candidates use the same mystery coffee to brew with.

Which means that actually, yes! There will be a new coffee coming soon in the playlist, we just can’t tell you about it yet…

More info soon, but while you wait, come down to Back in Black this Friday to support your favorite barista in the competition!


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